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Lithium batteries let you enjoy your RV / Camper and all of the things you power in it, instead of spending time waiting for the batteries to recharge. . They are more efficient, allow for deeper usable discharge, and recharge faster. Letting you get much more time of use out of the devices you power on your RV through these batteries. Lithium batteries are a great alternative to the more traditional lead, gel or AGM technology batteries. Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePo4) is a significant equipment upgrade. Their light weight and reduced size for great power and performance make them the top choice to replace your old technology in your RV, travel trailer, or camper.  While the initial outlay for a Lithium Battery may be higher when compared to AGM, the longer lifespan and the ability to charge and discharge the battery significantly further and longer means that in the long run you won’t be replacing the battery nearly as often, making the higher price actually shorter over the long term.