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12V 100AH LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery



Meet the 100 Ah 12 V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle battery, the pinnacle of deep cycle lithium-ion battery technology! Our 100 amp-hour, the 12-volt battery weighs only 31 pounds and is capable of providing you power and relief from battery anxiety. Our batteries run in various systems, including marine, RV, van, and off-grid! It’s time to upgrade your heavy lead-acid batteries to LiFePO4 batteries and upgrade your lifestyle and ability to adventure!

  • 50% lighter than comparable SLA batteries
  • Charges 25% faster than comparable SLA batteries
  • Delivers 2x the power for 7x the cycles of an SLA battery
  • 50% Less Overall Operating Cost
    • Length: 13 in (330 mm)
    • Width: 6.8 in (173 mm)
    • Height: 8.8 in (220 mm)
    • Weight: 31 lbs

This battery comes with a 7-year limited warranty.

This battery can be mounted in any orientation so that you can make the best use of tight spaces.

This battery is a replace for any GROUP 31 Battery – at less than 50% of the weight!

Quantity Discounts Available on Orders of 2 or More – Contact Us for Details and Pricing!

This battery can be use for the following applications:

  • AWP
  • Backup Power
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Floor Machines
  • Marine (trolling motor)
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Solar


  • Case Material: ABS/Iron case
  • Certifications: CE/ISO/UN38.3/MSDS
  • Efficiency: 99%
  • Self Discharge: <1% per Month
  • Series & Parallel Application max.: 4 series or 4 parallel connected application
  • Peak Discharge Current: 200 A
  • Continus Discharge Current: 100 A
  • Voltage at end of Discharge: 12.8 V
  • Working Voltage: 10-14.4V
  • Discharge Temperature: -4 to 140 ºF (-20 to 60 ºC)
  • Storage Temperature: 23 to 95 ºF (-5 to 35 ºC)
  • Cycle Life: Greater than 2000 cycles
  • Self-Discharge Rate Residual capacity: ≤3%/month; ≤15%/years
  • Reversible capacity: ≤1.5%/month; ≤8%/years


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