RB48V 200AH



The RELiON RB48V 200AH battery offers a lithium iron phosphate battery ready to be used for all types of marine applications. It’s also a good choice for electric vehicles and for larger solar systems. 

When you choose to invest in the RB48V 200AH lithium battery you will gain a battery with consistent power and an M10 terminal type. This battery has built-in overcharge protection and provides the versatility you need for many different applications.

The RELiON RB48V 200AH battery is compatible with many marine brands including:

  • Bertram
  • Sea Ray
  • MasterCraft
  • Yamaha
  • Chaparral
  • And More!

No matter the type of marine equipment you own, the RELiON RB48V 200AH lithium battery provides an excellent option. 

You’ll gain a battery with a longer lifespan compared to AGM, Gel, and lead-acid batteries. No more worrying about adding water or maintaining your battery either. RELiON lithium batteries are maintenance-free!

If you want a battery with fast-charging abilities, sustainable power, and installation flexibility, the RELiON RB48V 200AH battery offers an excellent choice.

You can even power your electric vehicle with this RELiON lithium battery. It works with all types of makes and models from Tesla, Chevrolet, Nissan, and more. If you own an electric vehicle and you’re looking for a powerful battery, the RELiON 48V 100AH lithium battery offers a good choice.

Since this is a RELiON LiFePO4 battery, it provides plenty of benefits with the LiFePO4 technology. Installation flexibility, a longer lifespan, and a battery management system makes this a better option for today and into the future.

If you’re sick of worrying about your batteries, upgrading to the RELiON lithium batteries for your electric vehicle, boat, or solar system will give you peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about maintaining these batteries or replacing them for many years. 

Lead-acid batteries might have been great years ago, but they don’t cut it anymore. With the RELiON lithium deep cycle batteries, you get a better battery all around. No more worrying about ruining the lifespan by overcharging or forgetting to add water. Just install your new RELiON 48V 200AH lithium battery and let it do what it was designed to do.

Product Specifications
  • Voltage: 51.2V
  • Amp Hours: 200Ah
Dimensions & Weight
  • Length: 34.3 in (872 mm)
  • Width: 14.2 in (361 mm)
  • Height: 15.6 in (395 mm)
  • Weight: 302 lbs (137 kg)
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Marine
  • Solar

Additional information

Weight 137 lbs
Dimensions 87.2 × 36.1 × 39.5 in
Charging Relion Battery Charging Instructions
Brand Relion


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