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Keeping a close eye on your RELiON LiFePO4 batteries is important. This RELiON battery indicator provides a very precise meter for your batteries. It uses a 500A current shunt to measure the discharge/recharge currents and provide Ampere-hours coming in and out of your batteries. The very precise voltage measurements make it easy to keep your batteries working properly.

When you upgrade your RV, boat, or solar batteries to RELiON LiFePO4 batteries, you need the right battery indicator. Why not match your new RELiON batteries with the RELiON battery indicator?

This battery indicator can be panel-mounted and you can use a bracket to easily hold it in place. It’s very easy to install and provides the critical information you need to properly monitor your battery bank. 

The RELiON Battery Indicator offers the following measurements:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Consume Ampere-Hours
  • Remaining Battery Capacity

You can use this battery indicator with one battery or with series or parallel connections. It provides an LCD display and will even store a range of history within the internal memory for you. 

The RELiON Battery Indicator comes with a current shunt, display, plastic bracket, butterfly nut, and shielded wire. It’s a great choice for many applications including golf carts, floor cleaning machines, RVs, boats, solar systems, AWP, and backup power systems.

If you’re looking for an excellent battery indicator with a digital display for your lithium batteries, this is the right choice. RELiON offers a very reliable product giving you all the necessary information. Whether your boondock in an RV or spend hours upon hours on the water in a boat, you need to know the power you’re carrying in your battery bank.

With this RELiON Battery Indicator, you get exactly what you need. The easy-to-read display will tell you how much power you have and let you know when you need to charge up. You can easily install this battery indicator and get all the critical information you need.

Monitoring your lithium batteries is important. With the proper monitoring, you can extend the lifetime of your batteries and make sure you’re not stranded without battery power. With the RELiON Battery Indicator, you get the right tool to monitor your batteries.

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