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You need to know how much charge your batteries have. This battery fuel gauge will show you the state of charge for your 12V batteries. You can easily solve one of the most common issues for those with lithium or lead-acid batteries with this fuel gauge. It will show you the amount of charge in your batteries without any guesswork.

The PRO Charging Systems 12V battery fuel gauge provides three sets of lights, in three different colors. The three green lights show you that your batteries are in a good state of charge, while the orange lights indicate you need to consider charging your batteries soon. The three red lights show a danger zone for your battery charge. 

With 9 lights total, it’s easy to see when you’re reaching the 50% level with lead-acid batteries. If the middle orange light is the last light illuminated, you know it’s time to charge your batteries before dropping into the danger zone.

Many battery fuel gauges are simply not accurate or reliable. The 12V battery fuel gauge from PRO charging systems is highly accurate and provides just what you need to know the state of charge for your batteries. 

With this 12V battery fuel gauge, you get LED display lights to show you the level of charge for your battery. It will provide a low battery voltage indicator with the red lights. The display is very easy to read and the system works with lead-acid (wet/AGM) batteries. This battery indicator displays the charge of your batteries much like a traditional fuel gauge. 

When you need an accurate battery fuel gauge for your 12V lead-acid or AGM batteries, this is the right choice. The PRO Charging Systems 12V battery fuel gauge is large enough to read easily, yet small enough that it won’t take up much space. It’s the right choice for your RV, solar system, boat, or any other application using deep-cycle lead-acid batteries. 

This battery fuel gauge works with 12V batteries. It’s made to be water resistant and provides a rugged design.

Additional information

Weight 0.23 lbs
Dimensions 6.1 × 9.77 × 0.89 in
Brand Pro Charging Systems


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