Battery Fuel Gauge 36V


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When you need a quality battery fuel gauge, the BFG36V offers the right option. It provides the status indicator you need to know how much charge you have in your batteries. Pro Charging Systems offers one of the best charging system battery fuel gauges you will find. This 36V option offers many benefits and give you something that isn’t always easy to find on the market.

The new Pro Charging System battery fuel gauge 36V offers a more accurate display with incredible precision. It provides three different colors of light and a low voltage indicator to make it easier to know when your batteries need charged. Whether you have deep cycle batteries in your RV, boat, or for your solar system, this battery fuel gauge is a great option.

Installing the BFG36V is rather easy and can be done by anybody with a basic understanding. The instructions are easy to follow and the intuitive technology will fit with many different applications. If you want better performance from your battery fuel gauge, this is the right choice for you.

The features of this battery fuel gauge include the necessary LED array of lights to indicate the type of power in your batteries. You will know when your batteries are fully charged, half charged, low, and even more. It even has a n audible low battery voltage warning, as an option.

You can use this battery fuel gauge with lead acid (Wet/AGM) batteries. It also features PC ABS polymer materials for the case and its water resistant. When you need the right battery fuel gauge for your batteries, this option from PRO charging systems offers a great option. It will help you keep a closer eye on your batteries, no matter what you’re using them for. The easy installation makes this BFG36V option a popular choice with boaters and RVers.

When you have lithium, AGM, or other deep-cycle batteries, you want to make sure they are fully protected. With a good battery fuel gauge, you can better monitor your batteries and keep them working for a longer amount of time.

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