BW EVGC8-170A (Group GC8) – 8V 170AH Deep Cycle Battery



The Bright Way Group EVGC8-170A Sealed Lead Acid Battery offers plenty of performance and uses. It’s an AGM battery providing power for golf carts, RV campers, van dwellings, and so much more. This deep cycle battery provides the performance you desire, at an affordable price.

Since it’s a sealed lead acid battery, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance. It won’t require regular maintenance like other deep cycle batteries. This replacement battery is great when you’re looking for an affordable solution.

You get 170-amp hours of power, which means you get the power you need for a longer amount of time. If you use a solar system to charge this battery, you can keep things running without interruption much longer.

The BW EVGC8-170A battery is maintenance-free, valve regulated, and rechargeable. You can use it for several different things. It meets the OEM sealed lead acid battery specifications and comes brand new. If you’re looking for a high-quality battery that is leak and spill-proof, the EVGC8-170A is a great option.

This battery uses porous glass mat separators to absorb and trap battery acid. It will show up fully charged and offers the right replacement battery for your needs.

The Bright Way Group EVGC8-170A works great for alarm panels, electric power systems, emergency lighting, aircraft signals, gate operator equipment, solar systems, emergency backup power supplies, UPS backups, and more. It’s a top battery choice for all kinds of applications and comes with a lower cost than many other batteries. 

When you’re looking for a cheaper way to replace your batteries, the BW EVGC8-170A offers a good choice. This Group GC8 battery is sealed so you get the safety you want, no matter the application. You can set up multiple batteries to create a powerful battery bank, as well.

Choosing the right battery isn’t easy. The BW EVGC8-170A lead acid battery offers a deep cycle battery you can trust. This is a good option for replacing old batteries or powering new systems when you need an 8-volt battery or multiple batteries for a battery bank.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 25.9 × 17.8 × 26.5 in
Brand Bright Way Group


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