RS2 RealPRO Series – Two 6 AMP Banks



Keeping your batteries charged is important. When you need to keep the juice flowing, choose PRO charging systems Dual Pro RS2 6 Amp Banks. This RealPRO Series battery charger works for two 12V batteries and provides 12 Amps of total output. It’s one of the most affordable and reliable options on the market today.

Whether you need a battery charger for your marine batteries, golf cart batteries, or trolling motor, the RS2 will get the job done. It’s a waterproof option making it a great choice for bass boats, automobiles, ATVs, pontoons, and golf carts. The RealPRO Battery Chargers provide four-stage profiles to make sure your battery gets charged correctly. 

Your batteries will last longer with this charger due to the way it charges. It’s capable of charging up your batteries overnight, most of the time, and offers sophisticated safety features. It comes in a polymer enclosure to protect the charger from water. There are no mounting restrictions and you never have to worry about overcharging. The RS2 also includes full ignition protection and reverse polarity protection. 

The LED battery status indicator is easy to reach, as well. It’s approved for AGM and Wet Cell batteries. You can use it for fresh or saltwater. The rugged construction makes the RealPRO Series battery charger one of the most dependable on the market.

When you need the right battery chargers for your boat, you need the RS2 from Pro Charging Systems. It’s compatible with all brands of batteries and boats including:

  • Crestliner
  • Tracker Boats
  • Bass Cat
  • Xpress Boats
  • Lund Boats
  • Bright Way Group
  • And more!

No matter the type of deep cycle batteries you have or the boat you own, this charger will get the job done. 

Whether you’re trying to keep your batteries charged in between uses or you want to extend your time on the water, the RealPRO series battery charger is the right choice. With two independent 6-amp outputs, you get more with this charger than with many others. The LED lights will indicate the status of each battery to ensure you know when your batteries are charging.

Additional information

Weight 2.27 lbs
Dimensions 7.62 × 16.51 × 18.42 in
Brand Pro Charging Systems
UPC 738562000540


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