SS2 Sportsman Series – Two 10 Amp Banks




Choosing the right charging system for your batteries isn’t easy. The SS2 Sportsman Series offers a PRO charging system that works great for marine applications, trolling motors, golf carts, and other applications. 

The SS2 Sportsman Series offers 10 amps per bank. It’s a multi-bank marine battery charger with a microprocessor. The microprocessor controls the charge to ensure your battery bank is properly charged, no matter the setup. It provides independent outputs, overnight charging, and a great choice for long-term storage.

When you need a marine battery charger, the SS2 Sportsman Series offers a waterproof option with overcharge protection and ignition protection. The LED readouts are USCG approved and the charger also offers temperature compensating protection. It can be used for multiple 12-volt battery configurations series or parallel 12 or 24 volts. When you need a rugged waterproof charger, this is the right choice.

You can use the SS2 Sportsman Series battery charger for individual 12-volt batteries up to group 31 or about 130-amp hours. It can also be used for battery banks with two 12-volt batteries or for one 24-volt battery. 

Most commonly, the SS2 Sportsman Series battery charger is used for one 12v battery for a trolling motor and also for a 12v starting battery. Sometimes, it’s used for a 24v series system with two 12v batteries to power the trolling motor. 

With no mounting restrictions, you can gain flexibility with this battery charge. The SS2 Sportsman Series Two 10 Amp Banks battery charger works with flooded wet cell, AGM, and lithium batteries. It’s designed to be used in fresh or saltwater with rugged construction. 

This battery charger offers fully automatic and multi-stage charging with zero spark technology. You get reverse polarity protection, ignition protection, and onboard diagnostic codes with this charger, too.

The Sportsman Series SS2 has been the choice for more than 50 boat manufacturers for many years. It’s used by professional fishermen in the biggest tournaments every year. It can be used for many types of watercraft and also works great for golf carts and utility carts, too.

Additional information

Weight 4.9 lbs
Dimensions 23.5 × 20.3 × 12.07 in
Brand Pro Charging Systems
UPC 738562000229


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