BW YB14L-A2 – 12V 190AH SLA Battery


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Bright Way Group provides the 12V 190AH SLA Battery with plenty of benefits. This battery works great for solar systems and for some other applications. It’s a smaller battery offering 12AH of power, which is perfect for replacing the Kawasaki 650 and similar batteries. 

This SLA/AGM battery is a spill-proof option with a high discharge rate, long service life, and deep discharge recovery. It even offers wide operating temperatures and can be mounted in any position. This battery resists shock and vibration and it provides high performance in high low temperatures.

With the BW YB14L-A2, you even get 190 cold crank amps. When you want a battery with no spills, no leaks, and no water to check, this is a good choice. The sealed post prevents corrosion and the extended battery life means you won’t need to replace this battery as often.

The BW YB14L-A2 12V SLA Battery works with all kinds of solar brands including:

  • Sunpower
  • LG Solar USA
  • Renogy
  • Solaria
  • Tesla
  • Q-Cell
  • JinkoSolar
  • Panasonic
  • And many more!

No matter the brand of your panels or solar system, the BW YB14L-A2 SLA battery offers the right option for your specific needs. Whether you need a little bit of power for electronics or a backup source of power for lights, this battery will offer just what you need. 

Along with solar systems, the BW YB14L-A2 12V SLA Battery works great for motorcycles, Jet Ski’s, Snowmobiles, ATVs, Motorcycles, and other devices. When you need to replace an old battery, this might be the right one for your needs.

With this 12V SLA Battery, you get many benefits including a versatile fit allowing you to use the batter for more applications. This top technology offers a low-maintenance option with a spill-proof sealed option. 

The right sealed lead-acid battery makes a difference. When you need a good battery, you can install it in many different ways and for many different devices, the Bright Ways Group YB14L-A2 12V SLA battery offers the right choice. This battery provides a good replacement when your SLA battery stops working properly.

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Dimensions 13.4 × 8.9 × 16.6 in
Brand Bright Way Group


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