When you’re searching for the right Jet Ski replacement battery or you need a battery for your RV or van dwelling, the BW YB30CL SLA battery might just be the perfect option. There are many SLA batteries on the market and not all work the same or provide the same quality. The BW YB30CL 12V SLA Battery offers quality, durability, and reliability. 

This battery offers a high-performance, heavy-duty battery with better cranking performance and features making it resistant to vibration damage. It’s the right replacement battery for many Sea Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and other brand watercrafts. 

Personal watercraft batteries come in many different sizes. With the right replacement battery, you can get back on the water and enjoy more time without worrying about your battery failing. 

Along with using the BW YB30CL battery for personal watercrafts, you can also use this specific battery for your RV, camper, or even your van dwelling. It’s compatible with many different brands and offers a great choice for several applications.

Getting a battery that doesn’t require maintenance and provides the right power capacity gives you the replacement option for your specific needs. There are plenty of benefits when it comes to this specific battery as a replacement battery. The sealed lead-acid technology makes it much safer and offers an easy battery to install. It’s a reliable option offering the necessary flexibility for many different devices.

The right battery makes a big difference. The BW YB30CL 12V SLA Battery offers a lead calcium battery with the right technology for many different applications. This Bright Way Group battery can provide just what you need, when you need it. This specific battery falls into the conventional and high-performance battery family. It’s a 12-volt battery with a weight around 14.5 pounds.

Additional information

Dimensions 16.8 × 13.2 × 19.2 in
Brand Bright Way Group


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